Boozefighters MC

Founded in 1946 in South Gate, California the Boozefighters are one of the oldest, active motorcycle clubs in existence.

Present at the infamous "Hollister Riot" of 1947 and the basis for the 1953 movie 'The Wild One' starring Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin.

Along with the nickname "The Original Wild Ones" BFMC are also known as "the drinking club with a motorcycle problem", with a reputation for riding hard and partying harder. Our founder, 'Wino' Willie Forkner summed up the club's attitude as: "It's all about taking a bummer and making a good time out of it.".

Chapter 139 of the Boozefighters MC are based in Christian County, Missouri.

For more information about chapter 139 or the club in general please feel free to contact us at: