'Wino' Willie Forkner

Born: July 11th, 1920 - Died: June 23rd 1997

Born in 1920, Willie Clyde Forkner Jr is said to have received the nickname 'Wino' around the age of 7 when he was known to sneak into local wineries and drink as much wine as he could get his hands on.

As a young man Willie joined the 13 Rebels MC. A motorcycle club sanctioned by the AMA that focused on attending and competing at local race meets.

When WWII broke out Willie signed up and became a side gunner on a B-24 Liberator named 'The Pacific Tramp'.

After the war he returned to his life in California and rejoined his old club. However after a disagreement after Willie got drunk at a race meet, entered the track and raced his bike the wrong way around it, he parted ways with the 13 Rebels and decided to start his own club.

Gathered together at their local bar 'The All American',

Willie and the other "originals" could not come up with

a name that they could all agree on for the new club.

A local drunk by the name of Walt Porter told them that,

as all they did was hang out at the bar and fight the

booze, they should be called 'Boozefighters'. And so

that's what they went with and the name stuck.

They chose the club colors based on the fact that green and white sweaters were the only color scheme that JC Penney had enough of in stock.

The club logo (the famous Boozefighter bottle) was chosen to compliment the club name and given 3 stars on the label to match the stars on a Hennessy bottle, which was Willie's booze of choice.

He described the Boozefighter credo as "It's all about taking a bummer and making a good time out of it.".

And the words he lived by: "I live like I want to, not like you think I should.".